Beauty and the Beach

Beauty and the Beach

From holiday make-up to body boosting salon treatments

Smooth and glow

Scrubs and wraps are a great way to increase skin luminosity just before you jet away. Gina Conway’s new Aveda Salon & Spa has opened at Elys Urban Beauty and offers a bespoke beauty service whereby customers book by time rather than for a specific treatment. After your therapist conducts a wellness journey consultation, a bespoke treatment plan is put together based on your personal requirements. The body scrubs are perfect for a pre-tan exfoliation – first the body is brushed to aid lymphatic drainage, then a customised exfoliator is applied, followed by a deep moisturising skin treatment. Body wraps are also great for hydrating and conditioning tired, dull skin. At Gina Conway’s, a wrap includes a scrub treatment plus a customised mask – a favourite is the Body Cocoon; a warm, nourishing masque to hydrate skin at its deepest level.

The Eyes Have It

In the height of summer, you don’t want to be faffing with a hard-to-maintain beauty
regime. Salon lash lifts and dyes can give you a defined look and negate the need for mascara – ideal if hitting the beach.

Discussing lash curling, assistant trainer at Browhaus, Aarti Dahiya, says: “The treatment lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks and you can choose how dramatic or natural you want your lashes to be. We begin the process by applying the silicone to your lashes and then stick false lashes to the silicone. After this is done two different solutions are applied to your lashes. These solutions ensure that your lashes curl and give the desired effect.”

Lash extensions have also become popular. “The newest thing on the market at the moment is volume lashes,” explains Aarti. “Volume lashes are a number of super fine lashes, which are handmade into little fans and then applied to each of you natural lashes. The number of lashes used to make a fan dictates how dramatic and voluminous the final look will be.”

Helping Hands

For a blast of beach colour whilst nurturing your nails, check out Bio Sculpture Gemini polishes at Take Time London, a new salon in Wimbledon Village. The next-generation nail polish is infused with hardening plant extracts such as aloe vera, lemon, and ginseng. Fast drying and longer lasting, they contain a UV Filter, are styrene free, ‘10 Free’ non-toxic, vegan- friendly and cruelty free. Take Time is dedicated to having a healthy and ethical ethos.

Beautiful Bottoms

Lunges and squats are the best route to a pert posterior but non-invasive sculpting treatments are also on the up. Louise Stewart at Naked Health Medispa in Wimbledon says, “CoolSculpting can address the under buttock bulge, where it joins the top of the thigh. We are getting outstanding results and it’s a really good treatment especially around the middle and the thighs and for overall de-bulking.”

Exilis Elite is another salon treatment and claims to dissolve fat cells using radiowaves and ultrasound and then uses heat to stimulate production of collagen to tighten the skin. Four or five sessions over consecutive weeks are typically required.

Summer Hot List

From chic summery eye colours to illuminating body oils (that double as handy face highlighters) holiday beauty is all about getting the glow with zero fuss.