Body Blitz

Salon treatments for the ultimate body blitz

Discover the latest fat-busting salon treatments that promise to sculpt, lift and banish the bulge for good

For those of us who aren’t blessed with the body of Charlize Theron or the legs of Kate Moss, the dreaded bra bulge, bingos, muffin tops, and pesky problem areas can prove a real pain in the posterior. While we’re all about celebrating curves and shapes of all sizes, the onset of summer can increase body concerns. So if you are hellbent on getting rid of that stubborn fat for good, what options are out there?

What is body contouring?

Typically body sculpting or contouring refers to salon treatments that destroy fat cells – usually through freezing, radio frequency and ultrasound. These non-invasive fat-reducing procedures are designed to eliminate pockets of fat and sculpt problem areas that seem resistant to diets, spinning, Barry’s Bootcamps and those hellish HIIT sessions.

Cold treatments

It was first discovered that fat cells were sensitive to cold when doctors found that toddlers who were sucking on ice lollies for long periods to help with teething pain also ended up with indentations in their cheek fat.

What is CoolScuplting?

Cold treatments, such as CoolSculpting, destroy fat cells through controlled (and painfree) freezing and claim to give pretty dramatic fat reduction. CoolSculpting is one of the most popular body contouring procedures and is an FDA cleared device.

Charlotte Cooper, training manager at Epsom Skin Clinics, explains that during the treatment, clients will have an applicator (akin to a large vacuum nozzle) applied to the target area. The applicator’s cooling plates then begin to bring the temperature of the skin down.

According to Glasshouse Clinic, areas treated usually see a 25 to 35% reduction in size. The effect is permanent providing clients stick to a healthy diet and remain fairly active. Some clients may see results as soon as three weeks after the treatment and final results will appear after around 12 weeks.

What does it cost?

CoolSculpting is not cheap, with two cycles typically costing around £1,500 depending on the salon you choose. The number of CoolSculpting cycles required to treat a specific area also vary from person to person.

“The inner thigh, outer thigh and arm would normally be one cycle per limb, and on an average size 12 woman, treating the stomach area would be between four and six cycles. Each cycle takes between 35 to 75 minutes,” explains Charlotte.

Can everyone have CoolSculpting?

Pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding and women who are planning to get pregnant should wait until after to start the treatment.

Heat Treatments

These procedures utilise radio frequency and ultrasound to precisely heat deep tissue below the surface of your skin and destroy fat cells. Though the subcutaneous tissue is heated, clients should not feel excessive heat during the treatments.

Who should opt for it?

Most clinics will use a branded device, such as Exilis or HIFU, for heat treatments. “We use Exilis which utilises radio frequency and ultrasound to shrink and destroy fat cells. We mainly use Exilis for skin tightening and for smaller areas – a pocket of fat under the bra strap, a post-mum tum… that sort of thing. If someone wants to transform their whole midsection then CoolSculpting is going to deliver that total new shape though it is more expensive than Exilis,” explains Charlotte.

“Though more suitable for smaller areas, in terms of skin tightening, Exilis is one of the best devices I’ve used for skin laxity and skin sagging whether that’s post weight loss, post pregnancy, on the face or the body.”

Pros and cons?

While CoolSculpting can often be done in one day, the Exilis course requires one treatment a week for six consecutive weeks. However, many clients need to think of their purse strings as well and a course of Exilis costs around £195 for a small area of the face, £245 for a medium area, and £345 for a large area.

Electro Fields

How about a technology that sculpts muscle while also reducing your waistline?

High intensity focused electromagnetic field technology (HIFEM) is a salon treatment that claims to simultaneously build muscle and destroy fat cells – for the perfectly pert posterior or sculpted abs. The new kid on the block; HIFEM is the only technology that can target fat reduction while also impacting muscle tone.