Investment Coats

Investment Coats: The Winter Cover-Up

Investment Coats: The Winter Cover-Up

Get the longevity look this, and every, season, with our investment buy inspiration

The January sales are the perfect time to pick up those investment coats and jackets that will last you for years to come. And we’re not just talking the classic camel number here – although, of course, every good wardrobe should have one – but key pieces that work for all occasions.

It is a purchase that is both fashionable but will also stand the test of time, for the sake of your purse and the planet.

L-R: Whistles Trench Puffer Jacket; Barbour Elmis Women's Wax Jacket

Wear on Repeat

Whether it’s the school run, the walk in the park, or the quick dash to the shops, this is the coat or jacket that you’ll keep by the front door and use continually. It needs to be warm and waterproof. If you’re going for a hood, make sure it fits properly – there is nothing worse than having to push it out of your eyes every couple of minutes. And check the coat will fasten over several layers of woollies in the depths of winter.

Credit: REISS

The One That Just Looks Incredible

Okay, so it doesn’t fit any category but you know it looks amazing on you. Maybe it nips in at the waist, or it’s the perfect colour that really shows off your eyes or skin tone. Whatever it is, it is love at first sight – it’s not an impulse buy but a piece you just know will earn its place in your wardrobe.

L-R: Marks & Spencer; Whistles

The Going-Out Piece

Cast your minds back to that time pre-pandemic, heading out for a drink in a cool bar or a cosy pub without even having to think about what tier we’re in… A leather biker or shearling aviator is a must for your wardrobe for drinks out – great over jeans and a thick sweater but take it into spring too over a floral.

L-R: Lisa Coat, Hobbs; Saskia Coat, Hobbs.

The Smart One

Whatever happened to formal workwear, eh? The pandemic turned that on its head for most of us. We don’t know what our working wardrobe might need going forward but a smart wrap coat is always a good investment and is super-flattering. A belted jacket, meanwhile, is versatile, rocking it for more formal occasions and for off-duty weekends, too.