Your Party Beauty Countdown

Your Party Beauty Countdown

With the festive season just around the corner, follow these prepping tips and you’ll be Christmas party ready in no time

With the coming of November comes the quickening Christmas countdown, with party invites slowly clogging up your inbox, pubs ramping up the pace and the talk around the office of the annual Christmas party. It’s a heady splurge of social events and engagements that can leave you feeling daunted, but think tactically and kick off your November with your own Christmas beauty countdown…

4-6 Weeks Before – Body

You’ve got just over a month to kickstart your winter fitness routine. It’s all too easy to resort to comfort food this time of the year, but avoid the temptation and focus on your party goals. Simple exercises like working with dumbbells can help tone your arms, and easy 10-minute legs, bums and tums workouts are a good option for those not brave enough to venture out to the gym. You’ve got time on your side so try out a 30-day challenge and stick to a routine every day, whether that’s focusing on getting that flat tummy, sculpted abs, or purely for weight loss.

3-4 Weeks Before – Skin

To give your skin a chance to glow – give yourself an all over body scrub to remove dead skin and get your blood flowing once again – and continue to do this every week until the Christmas party. Try the Mio Skincare Clay Away Purifying Body Cleanser which gently refreshes skin (£21) and a velvety body moisturiser like the Egg Mouse Body Oil (£24.50 at Boots) which is a hydrating treat for the body. As to your face, to reduce the risk of dark circles appearing and dull skin, treat yourself to a boosting facial and a face mask to replenish moisture, such as Liz Earle Cica Restore Skin Paste (£29) which is perfect for dry, compromised skin.

Pre-plan Your Outfit

There’s nothing worse than getting to the eve of a party and not knowing what you’re going to wear. Pre-planning your outfit in advance removes the stress of making a decision so close to the event, as well as giving you ample time to prep around your chosen outfit – from what makeup colours to use, or how to style your hair. You may also be recycling an old dress, so you can freshen up the look with new accessories or shoes. Or if you’re looking to buy a new outfit, this gives you ample time to browse the shops and stick to a budget, rather than hastily splurging on an item you might only wear once.

1 Week Before – Hair

If you’re unable to get to a salon, then treat your locks to a conditioning hair mask such as Philip Kingsley Rose and Lychee Elasticizer (£35) which improve the hair’s elasticity and moisture content. Practice any styles you want to recreate from resources such as Pinterest or YouTube tutorials.

3-5 Days Before Waxing & Tanning

Get rid of any unwanted hair especially if you’re self-tanning. Even though it may be too cold to bare too much skin, party dresses tend to reveal more. Go for for a sun-kissed look on shouders, arms and legs. If you’re not opting for a salon spray tan, use gradual moisturising formulas such as St Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Gel (£33 at Boots) which will give a long-lasting glow and much-needed moisture in just three hours.

1-3 Days Before – Nails

Wimbledon Village boutique Take Time London has a clever trick to make your nails last the whole party season. A gel manicure typically lasts two to three weeks and some simple home nail art can give you three seasonal looks. Choose a classic seasonal party colour i.e deep port wine red or classic red or even pinky beige or grey nude for your first party. Then gradually add glitter in a tonal hue.

Look 1: classic block colour gel manicure.
Look 2: when your nails have grown and the little gap is starting to appear next to your cuticles, apply the same matching glitter as a little nail cuff in the gap.
Look 3: New Year party nails – reapply matching glitter over each nail fully.