10 Best Battersea Coffee Shops

From locally-sourced blends to organically-harvested beans, these are the 10 best coffee shops to visit in Battersea for the perfect cup of goodness.


Social Pantry Café

170A Lavender Hill SW11 5TG

Artful walls and wooden furniture provide a distinctly modern yet effortlessly charming ambiance at Social Pantry Café. An assortment of plants creates a leafy, oxygenated atmosphere, allowing you to decompress and relax with your drink of choice. Their coffee is ethically sourced and their weekend food menu offers a selection of tasty meals – from a delicious French toast with chai honey to a delightful shakshuka with rose harissa yoghurt. This warm and welcoming coffee shop is a must-visit for your coffee and brunch trips.


Doppio Coffee Warehouse

336 Battersea Park Rd SW11 3BY

The special thing about Doppio Coffee is that they are more than just a café. As producers of their own coffee blends, they know exactly what they’re doing. Their range of both house and single origin blends are sourced from fair trade coffee beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica and more. At their Battersea site, where they serve their blends, a calm and relaxed atmosphere welcomes you to smooth long tables. The warm-toned interior pairs with the mellow light of dangling lightbulbs. Their shelves are stocked with their coffee blends – and once you try it, you’ll want to buy it.


Vibes Café

293 Battersea Park Rd SW11 4LX

With high-quality coffee and a wholly plant-based menu, Vibes has a lot to distinguish itself. The décor evokes a farmhouse aesthetic, complete with rustic wood panels and blackboards. Warm orange lighting invites you to come inside and appreciate the cosy ambience. You can enjoy a delicious ethically-sourced coffee alongside a scrumptious brunch of eclectic buddha bowls, zucchini fritters or a vegetarian full-English.


Nostos Coffee

10A Battersea Park Rd SW8 4FF

Nostos Coffee establishes for itself a singular flair with its individual décor: a neon red sign over a single-story brick façade, enhanced by an interior of red counters and splashes of watercolour on white walls. Located handily next to Battersea Park Station, the coffee shop serves both warm and iced coffee choices, alongside a selection of cakes and pastries handmade by local bakers. A warm, friendly atmosphere is the cherry on top of this charming gem.


 Oliver’s Café

312-314 Battersea Park Rd SW11 3BX

This café’s quirky charm in encapsulated by its location: on the very corner of a hexagon, giving it a unique and endearing shape. Inside, pleasing art hangs on the walls and a selection of books provide you with something interesting to keep you occupied as you sip your coffee. Green sofas and plush chairs maximise comfort here, and the food menu of pasta and pizza provides a delightful Italian twist.


The Little Battersea Bakery

55 Battersea Bridge Rd SW11 3AX

This family-run café and bakery boasts a wonderfully spacious seating area, with round tables made of smooth dark wood and eye-catching photography dotting the walls. Coffee here is served alongside freshly homemade pastries full of sweet goodness. Cushioned chairs line the outdoors seating area, sheltered by a classic café awning. This spot is your ideal opportunity to support a local family-run business, and to sip good coffee while you’re at it!


166 CafeBar

166 Battersea Park Rd SW11 4ND

Colourful furniture and well-lit walls make up 166’s cheerful and happy environment. Surrounded by art and flowery plants, you can sink into your seat and thoroughly enjoy your coffee sojourn. The staff are exceedingly friendly and pleasing music plays softly from speakers. Quiz nights are regularly hosted here. You can come for a warming cup of coffee before staying into the evening and enjoying a fun quiz night with friends. As Battersea Park lies just on the doorstep, you could also stop in for a pick-me-up while out on a nature stroll.



547 Battersea Park Rd SW11 3BL

This family-run coffee shop serves excellent, artisan specialty coffee straight from the Philippines. The family is committed to bringing customers a taste of the Philippines and spreading the word about Filipino coffee. A dark blue exterior welcomes you into a stylish space, with a sleek wooden counter, round tables, benches and wooden beams along a white ceiling. The coffee is expertly-made, and while you’re there you might as well try a Filipino pastry – they are absolutely divine.


Pear Tree Café

Battersea Park SW11 4NJ

Nothing can beat the gorgeous location of this riverside café, found at the heart of Battersea Park. A much-loved spot for mid-walk breaks, the atmosphere of this charming little spot goes unparalleled. You can enjoy a leisurely tea or coffee in the outdoor seating area, surrounded by delightful stringed fairy lights and gazebos to keep you sheltered. At sunset, take a stroll through the park, and sit down here to watch the last rays of the day bathe the sky in evening glow.


Cafe Blanca

298 Battersea Park Rd SW11 3BU

Wide windows allow daylight to stream into the merry atmosphere of Café Blanca. The style of décor is that of artful clutter; no piece of wall is left bare. They serve excellent coffee with a well-stocked variety of milk or dairy alternatives, as part of their ethos of taking care of every customer who walks through the door. You can pair your coffee with a hearty brunch menu or take a light snack from their front counter full of treats.