Art of Lockdown

The Art of Lockdown

The Art of Lockdown

Readers and residents of south west London have been getting creative and making art during lockdown, here are some of our favourites…

Readers and artists across south west London have been turning to art to help make sense of this very strange time. Many people have found mindful hobbies or activities such as music, poetry or painting have been therapeutic. Readers have contacted us with different art projects they’ve been working on, and across all mediums including; music, painting, poetry, photography, collaborations, writing and printing. They bring positivity and joy from an otherwise dark and difficult time. So we’ve created an online gallery for you to see what your neighbours have been up to.

If you’ve been working on an artful project and would like to be featured in an Art of Lockdown gallery, please tweet, facebook or email us.



Doorstep photography

Kingston photographer, Isabella Panattoni, has been working on documenting all aspects of our community during the pandemic. From residents, to key workers and local businesses, Isabella has met with and captured both portrait and fascinating story of each person.

‘I started with doorstep portraits and quickly realised we all had a story to tell. Our experiences are all so unique, from the train station ticket hall attendant, our neighbours, the refuse and recycling teams to the broadband engineer improving the internet for our local hospital.’

Isabella’s art of lockdown documents elements of their lives and puts it together with a series of portraits. ‘It’s a time capsule documenting such an important part of our history. I believe we, and others will look back on this time and reflect upon each life and the way it has been affected. Documenting it is so important.’

You can see the series on Isabella’s Instagram feed or her Facebook page Isabella Panattoni Photography. A new portrait gets published each day so follow her account to see each one. If you’d like to get involved in her project or would like to suggest a business that would, please email Isabella. 


Words Make Sense

Poetry by Andrea Charles-Munro

It’s lockdown due to Covid-19

Nothing like we’ve ever seen

It’s like a film and we want out

Can’t exit, pause or even shout

A deadly virus spread worldwide

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide

The strangest feeling we will feel

Sad realisation it’s all real

Government advice will help us through

Just do as they say don’t do as they do

No hugs, elbow bumps or shaking hands

Two metres apart is where you stand

Wash your hands and clean they must stay

Things we should do anyway

No meeting friends or games in the park

Same rules apply even when its dark

Why do people shop with such greed

Buying so much more than they need

Leaving shelves completely bare

Selfish act without a care

Don’t be bored, complain or fuss

Others have it worse than us

At least we can shop and exercise

With time you have learn to be wise

Have a routine plan your day

You’ll get much more done that way

Instead of endless cups of tea

Or watching Netflix on TV

Get in the garden pull up those weeds

Mow the lawn plant some seeds

Cooking and baking tidy the shed

Read that book before going to bed

Continue your hobby or try something new

Catch up on things you’ve been meaning to do

Praise for key workers the NHS

A challenging time and doing their best

They deserve more than a medal or a pat on the back

Show appreciation on Thursdays at 8pm and clap

Remember don’t travel wonder or roam

Let save lives by staying at home

We’re in this together so let’s stay strong

A better nation we will become.


Music Release

Hannah White has long been on our radar since her brilliant Sound Lounge opened in Merton Abbey Mills and has since found a new home in Tooting. We interviewed her earlier this year in our edit on Where are all the women in music? Hannah has been working on her new album with her band Hannah White and The Nordic Connections which will be released in June. You can pre-order on her website. We have fallen in love the screen print t-shirt! She has also been streaming some live events during lockdown on social media, so follow her to catch further gig announcements.

Hannah White


Painting Pictures

Wimbledon artist Jo Holdsworth has been busy in her studio preparing new work for online shows. We have been blessed with amazing weather during lockdown and if you’re anything like Jo you will be dreaming of beach visits too. You can see her stunning new seascape pictured here, together with more of her paintings of reflected figures in  “Nature Reflected”, a new online exhibition curated by London art consultancy @ArtfullySorted, opening on 5 June for World Environment Day and supporting @worldlandtrust.


Jo Holdsworth


Calligraphy Rainbows

Rachael, founder of Eatonville Calligraphy, based in Tooting, has been selling ‘Rainbows for the NHS’ prints to help raise money for the NHS, raising over £700 so far. “It’s been a great way to make a little difference and help to brighten up people’s homes during lockdown” Rachael told us. She also offers virtual calligraphy classes over Zoom “They’ve been really popular, a lot of people seem to be keen to learn such a mindful hobby at the moment”. More examples of her work can also be found on her Instagram page.

Calligraphy prints


Community Collaboration: Online Gallery

This creative project is aimed at sparking conversations amongst the community and focuses on celebrating young creative talent from primary school children and their families. Colouring in Kingston is a shared online project to create a community gallery, and some of the artwork will be transformed into graphics.

It is a collaboration between Art Direction BA students at Kingston School of Art; Josephine Miller and Izzi Toovey, and The Community Brain, as part of SHEDx Growing Ideas in Tolworth. Initially the students collaborated with young artists in the Kingston borough providing a series of drawing challenges. They then digitally transformed these drawings with the aim to display the collaborative artwork into the community in the future. Due to COVID-19, they have adapted the project to encourage people to stay at home and be creative. These submissions will be showcased on an online gallery on Instagram.

Colouring in Kingston


Get Published Like The Plague

Hone your writing skills and get published, Clapham author Julie Anderson latest book Plague will be published in September. Here’s a sneak preview:

There are many ways to die. Plague is just one. Work on a London tube line is halted by the discovery of an ancient plague pit and in it, a very
recent corpse. A day later another body is found, also in a plague pit. This victim is linked to the Palace of Westminster, where rumours swirl around the Prime Minister and his rivals. As the number of deaths climbs, the media stokes fear. Government assurances are disbelieved.
Everyone feels threatened. This has to be resolved and fast. A disgraced civil servant and a policeman must find the answer before Westminster closes for recess. Power, money and love curdle into a deadly brew that could bring down the Mother of Parliaments. Time is running out. And it’s not clear what – or who – will survive.

Julie Anderson is Chair of Trustees of Clapham Writers, organisers of the Clapham Book Festival, and curates events across London. Earlier publications include historical adventure novels and short stories.

Plague by Julie Anderson