no time to die

No Time To Die Film Release

No Time To Die Film Release

As James Bond returns to our screens in No Time to Die, discover the fascinating links between Bob Marley, 007, Ian Fleming’s lover and a certain Jamaican estate.

On Jamaica’s Oracabessa Bay, where a donkey racetrack was once located, lies a picturesque collection of private villas, cottages and beach huts, known as the Goldeneye

It was designed and brought to life by Ian Fleming—an English journalist and naval intelligence officer— who fell for the charms of Jamaica during WWII. In 1945 he returned, bought the estate and decided to settle down. There, he brought to life one thing more – a character that would engrave his name in the annals of pop culture history.  

Bond. James Bond.  

Jamaica was far from the only thing Fleming fell for.  Blanche Lindo Blackwell, the Jamaican heiress, became his muse and lover when he wrote the James Bond novels. Her only son, Chris, was a location scout on the first James Bond movie Dr. No and even had a cameo appearance in it. 

A couple of decades later, Chris Blackwell would have become, via his label Island Records, “the single person most responsible for turning the world on to reggae music” (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). It was he who discovered and signed Bob Marley, convinced him to pursue international fame. 

In 1976, Bob Marley bought Goldeneye. A year later, he sold it to Blackwell.  

Fast-forward to 2021, Jamaica and Goldeneye – now turned into a luxurious hotel, but still true to the original vision of its creator – are once again the home of 007. Featured in No Time To Die, azure-coloured ocean and smooth sandy beaches bring peace of mind to Bond after decades of struggles and bloodshed. His peace is however short-lived, as he is soon forced to embark on a new mission. 

Blackwell also worked alongside the production team to provide his signature Blackwell Rum for the set in Bond’s house.  

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