The Snow Queen at the Rose Theatre. Photo by Mark Douet

Review: Snow Queen at the Rose

Our junior reviewers give their verdicts

By Elliott Lofthouse, age 7

I think that it was amazing. What I liked about it was that it had special effects, like lights flashing on the audience. The reindeer puppet was really funny and clever. I liked the JUMP SCARE dun dun dunnnn. I liked the scenery it was like an old-fashioned town.

By Toby Lofthouse, aged 10

It was awesome, the lights, the sound effects, the actions, it worked perfectly! I remember hoping that it was going to be a good play and it was not good but superb. The actors did a good performance that I found jaw dropping. Adding on, I feel like the scenery was also very well done! The lights and the sound effects along with jump scare was also a good touch. I really enjoyed it, it was great.


Rose Theatre, until 5 Jan