Group fitness

Mingle and motivate

Working out en masse can be an inspiring way to help you achieve your fitness goals. We look at some of the top group classes that are trending

It’s easy to put off that daunting 5k jog or those 50 lengths when you’re your sole motivation. This is where group classes come in, with the support of others pushing you out of your comfort zone. “The element of working out with a group brings a range of benefits”, points out Ross Perriam, CEO of EMD UK – a governing body for group exercise. “A study by the University of New England Osteopathic Medicine found that participation in group fitness classes led to a decrease in perceived stress and an increase in physical, mental and emotional quality of life.”  What’s more, it’s a great social experience: “For many, it’s a way to meet new people and become part of a community.” If you like the sound of forging friendships over fitness, here are some of the classes happening near you.


From stress relief to core support, we’ve all heard about the myriad health benefits of yoga. The latest fitness trend in the yoga world incorporates a low-hanging sling to help you glide through the air as you move through traditional poses. The yoga hammocks aid flexibility and joint mobility. Flying Fantastic is one such class offering a range of slings and straps in Battersea and Wimbledon, with trapeze classes for those who really take to the circus-style workout.

Flying fitness


Unlike your typical clubbing experience, Clubbercise will leave you feeling fighting-fit. Fusing dance, toning and combat moves, accompanied by a soundtrack of old and new clubbing hits, this high intensity exercise class is a way to keep fit while improving your repertoire of dance moves and having as much fun as on a wedding dance floor. With high and low impact options and easy to follow dance routines, Clubbercise is a great group activity, regardless of your fitness level.



Rabble combines the social element of sport with playing childhood games. The premise is simple, Rabble transforms your high intensity workout into a fun, adrenaline-filled game session that will get your heart pumping and burn calories. From British Bulldog to Capture the Flag, Rabble appeals to the competitive and playful spirit in all of us.



BODYPUMP is a barbell workout class designed to shape your entire body
without building up bulky muscles. With the help of instructors and motivational music, BODYPUMP from Les Mills International will leave you feeling challenged under the instruction of an inspirational class mentor. The classes have experienced a boost in popularity which can be attributed to campaigns like This Girl Can and British Weightlifiting’s #strongisnotasize which encouraged more to take up strength training.



Get your your heart racing and burn countless calories with a spot of trampolining – an activity no longer confined to elite gymnastic clubs. In recent years, clubs have become wise to the sport’s vast health benefits, and more and more are being enticed by the low-impact, high-energy workout that helps to tone and strengthen. The group nature of classes are another plus, with Clapham-based Off The Rails offering invigorating 45-minute sessions for those keen for a post-work bounce.

Off The Rails