5 Ways to Keep Cool in the Heatwave

Feeling hot and bothered? From refreshing dips to evening walks, here are five simple ways you can keep your cool in the sudden scorching weather.


Go for a dip

There’s nothing like a splash in the pool or a leisurely swim to help you overcome the heat. Local swimming pools are an easy and accessible way to get a swim under your belt – or if you fancy making a day of it, you can take the family to a water park for a cooling day of fun. There are also tonnes of outdoor pools around London and Surrey that would be perfect for the sweaty weekend weather – check out the full list here.


Avoid peak heat hours

It’s important to stay indoors when the sun reaches its hottest. Being out at peak heat time, which usually stretches from noon to 3pm, can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. It’s best to keep the kids inside during these hours – entertain them with family board games or take the time to teach them a new skill! Take your daily strolls with the dog at morning and evening times instead. This is when the atmosphere is a little cooler and the temperature more bearable. We suggest some lovely parks with plenty of trees and shade – London is full of leafy, shady greenery if you know where to look.


Make a delicious drink

If you want to feel like you’re still on summer holidays, a crisp, cold drink with plenty of ice should do the trick. Making a lovely iced tea or a lemon water are simple ways to transport yourself back to the Mediterranean, relaxing by the poolside. You can make one for the kids as well – or if they’d prefer ice creams, try a healthier alternative of freezing juice in ice cube trays for a homemade ice lolly! Plus if you’re feeling boozy in the evenings, we’ve got some to-die-for summer cocktails to recommend. But don’t forget to drink plenty of ice cold water too – hydration is key in the heat.


Eat lighter meals

To maximise comfort in the heat, we recommend avoiding bigger, heavier meals. They sit in the stomach for longer and are more likely to have you groaning in discomfort. Instead, opt for lighter, frequent meals full of fruits, veggies and goodness, like salads and vegetable tartlets. We’ve put together some great summery recipes – both delicious and gentle on the stomach.


Wear loose clothing

Dark, tight and stuffy clothes should be avoided during hot hours. The best options are light, breathable materials like linen or cotton, as these natural fabrics don’t absorb heat as much as synthetic fabrics do. Encourage airflow with dresses and skirts – this stops sweat and heat getting trapped in your clothing! You can get some more wear out of your fun summer clothes before they go back in the wardrobe for winter.