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Simple Steps for Sleep Success

Sleep is one of the essential ingredients to a happy and healthy lifestyle – get your sleeping patterns in shape and the rest will follow. We rounded up few of 2018’s sleeping revelations...

Sleep on your side

This year it’s been revealed that sleeping on your side, with you torso and legs relatively straight, is the optimum position for getting the best night’s rest, as it supports your neck and back, and reduces the chance of snoring. It also elongates the spine, helping it to recover from long periods of time spent sitting down. 

Don’t rely on a sleep tracker

Time reveals all, and since the arrival of sleep tracking, it’s been found that sleep tracking devices can actually reduce the quality of your sleep. It’s thought that these devises can cause stress and anxiety, which in turn interrupts sleep patterns – so turn it off.

Fuel for sleep

What we eat is not only important for our physical and mental health, but is also connected to our sleeping patterns. Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach Pippa Campbell says “What we eat and don’t eat plays a very important role on sleep. Several hours before bed, eat a high-protein snack as this can provide the L-tryptophan needed for your melatonin and serotonin production. In addition, avoid before-bed snacks, particularly starchy carbohydrates and sugars.”

No more sleep binging

Sleep binging is often thought of as a solution to sleep deprivation. But, science has shown that making up for lack of sleep by sleeping over the weekends is not an effective way of catching up on sleep. It can take days or even weeks to recover from a disturbed sleep pattern, and to make up for lost sleeping time you’re better to go to bed early, and wake up at a normal time, than to sleep in late.

Exercise makes you sleep better

It’s not rocket science; just thirty minutes of exercise a day can help you sleep better, but try to exercise early in the day, as exercise can be stimulating, and may make it difficult to fall asleep at night.