Cowgirl season: How to wear the Western trend

We’ve always loved a touch of Western here and there, but in 2024 it seems like the cowgirl look has taken the fashion scene by storm. With celebrities like Margot Robbie rocking the iconic pink cowgirl outfit in Barbie last year, and the recent release of Beyoncé’s chart-topping country album, it wasn’t long before the Western aesthetic began to trickle into the high-end runway. Lo and behold, catwalk cowgirl looks for Louis Vuitton and Molly Goddard signalled that the Western look is well and truly in.

But how can we incorporate the look into our own wardrobes?


Topped only by perhaps the infamous cowboy hat, there is no other Western wardrobe essential like the cowboy boots. Every aspiring cowgirl needs a staple pair. Opt for the classic style of black and tan with a touch of embroidery for a tried-and-true look that never gets old. Or if you like your looks a little more out there, throw a bit of sparkle into the mix with some fun and snazzy silver boots.


If you really want to commit to the Western look, you can’t forget the fringes. The most faithful option is a classic fringe jacket – usually tan, but you can jazz it up with some fun colours too. Alternatively, you can incorporate fringes elsewhere: we’re loving the comeback of fringed bags, offering a subtler hint of tassels to Western up any outfit.


No cowgirl look is truly complete without a belt to tie it all together. For this look, the chunkier the better. Opt for a large brown belt – preferably leather or suede – with a big buckle in the centre. You can style it with some designer nods, or keep it simple.


There’s nothing a cowgirl loves more than a bit of denim. You can double it up with a denim shirt and boot-cut jeans, or go for the more tailored look of a denim waistcoat over a blouse or shirt. Paired with boots, of course.


You can incorporate the Western look into your everyday attire with the more subtle, dressed down ‘city cowgirl’ look: pair a simple white t-shirt with flared denim jeans, casual boots and a chunky belt for a simple yet effortlessly stylish outfit that keeps things fun and fresh.


A trendy twist on the timeless style is very popular right now: the ‘coastal cowgirl’ look, which offers a more beachy, bohemian take. You can build this look with warm brown tones and neutral creams and whites, usually with a long crochet knit dress and boots. A cowboy hat is a must-have to complete the look, but you can make it beachier with a beige touch.