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What Would Beyoncé Do Review

Luisa OmielanAs we innocently took our seats armed with only one glass of wine in hand wondering what this show was all about, Luisa Omeilan leapt into the crowd and literally tore us from our seats to take us on a tear jerking hilarious journey as we laughed, cried and danced our way into the night.  

On this wet and windy Tuesday evening I decided to meet with some girlfriends at Soho House to check out a rather intriguingly named event called ‘What would Beyoncé do?’ featuring Luisa Omielan.  Having never heard of this comedienne before we had no clue what to expect and what we got was way better that what we had bargained for!  

Omielan immediately had her captive audience (and I do not use that word lightly), getting the crowd on their feet as they were whipped into shape and directed to dance along to the first in a series of hits (by Beyoncé) that literally provided a sound track to her life.  From that point on we were hooked as her energy and excellent story telling took us on a refreshingly honest journey through raw and hilarious tales of modern romance, heart ache, woe and despair.  No stone was left unturned with otherwise ‘taboo’ subjects such as mental health issues entwined with love stories as they jarred up against each other in the most visceral and poetic way.  

Omielan has a wonderful ability to engage her audience on almost every level inciting all manner of emotional responses from feelings of joy, discomfort and desperation as she took us on a gut wrenching roller coaster.  This woman is clever - clever with words and clever with people.  She has a warm and welcoming approach that lures you in and an ability to take the edge off cold hard and difficult topics while being absolutely hilarious at the same time.  

Her content was as varied as is her range of talents, resulting in a very lucid and profound performance that left us all with a lot to think and laugh about at the end.  I know this review sounds very positive, but quite frankly there’s a reason for that. Parts of the show were often achingly difficult to sit through due to the subject matter and desperation of characters she portrayed. It was well balanced, high octane, physically and mentally challenging and but most of all honest.  Her take on feminism was refreshingly up to date... She is a funny and observant woman and her stories will challenge you.  

I highly recommend seeing her hit show, if you can you won’t regret it.

What Would Beyoncé Do? is at the Udderbelly Festival on 9 and 17 May. Tickets available from

Anjeli Placzek is Director at The Concept Lounge

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