Barnfield Riding School

Horse Riding Stables for the Disabled Urgently Needs your Help

Barnfield Riding School for the disabled in Kingston needs help to raise money to look after the horses during the lock down

Barnfield Riding School is a small local organisation tucked away in North Kingston. It is a riding retreat catering for around 55 disabled riders a week, giving the chance to experience new-found freedoms with horse-riding. Last year we covered their story to raise funds to buy a horse simulator and double the amount of rides it offers.

Barnfield Riding School

Barnfield Riding School

For the first time in over 30 years they have had to temporarily cease their horse riding activities due to Covid-19. Unlike other riding establishments, they’re not able to turn the horses out to grass fields due to their location, and therefore despite no income they still have to meet the same outgoings.

In order for the stables to survive they have launched a community appeal. They desperately need to raise around £15,000 a months to pay for the basic running costs of the stables including the upkeep and health of the horses.

Please help by donating to keep the stables afloat and keep the horses fit and healthy so that they’re ready to greet the disabled riders back when the time is right.



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Barnfield Rising School, Parkfield Road, Kingston, KT2 5LL


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