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Kingston Grammar manufactures face visors to protect NHS workers

100 Protective Face Visors manufactured in the first day of Kingston Grammar School’s Technology department’s drive to support our NHS

Staff and parents at Kingston Grammar School today manufactured their first 100 protective face visors. They were made by the school’s DT department and donated the same day to NHS staff working on the front line at Kingston Hospital.

The idea to make the visors was spearheaded by Head of Design & Technology at KGS, Derek Farr who said, ”We are all in this together and I wanted to contribute something meaningful to the front line workers. I’m delighted that as a community we have been able to  support those who need PPE equipment right now and make this happen so quickly, and there will be more to follow!”

Virus update Kingston Grammar SchoolIt was a genuine family affair for Derek who was supported by his wife Kathleen and their son Callum who is an Upper Sixth student at the School.  They were ably assisted by senior caretaker John Boyes who volunteered his technical skills for the task.

KGS Head Master, Stephen Lehec commented, “I couldn’t be a prouder person right at this moment.  We have had some wonderful initiatives to support our community, especially recently, but this potentially tops the lot.  Having already donated all of our PPE to local hospitals, to then go into manufacturing more is a genuinely wonderful and a much needed contribution.  The fact that so many of our parents, children of staff, alumni and governors are working on the frontline in the NHS makes this extra special and meaningful for us as a School. We shall keep doing whatever we can to support.”

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