Six Physio Chelsea: Using MRI technology to treat pain

Six Physio Chelsea: Using MRI technology to treat pain

A non-invasive and drug-free treatment choice for people with pain

Six Physio are now offering magnetic resonance therapy at their flagship clinic in Chelsea. The MBST machine treats a number of musculoskeletal conditions in the body such as back pain, arthritis, tendinopathy and many more. Using the same technology as an MRI scan, the machine is able to target injured tissues in the body to stimulate energy production. Research shows that after treatment the body was able to stimulate cartilage regrowth, stunt inflammation and reduce pain for patients.

An alternative to surgery, medication and injections

MBST has been used by Orthopaedic surgeons for over 20 years in mainland Europe. In their quest to offer patients non-surgical options, Six Physio joined forces with London’s top knee surgeon, Jonathan Webb, treating patients who would like an alternative to surgery, medication and injections.

No side-effects & no-risks

Six Physio’s Clinical Director Matt Todman explains, “we recognise that there is a huge group of patients that want to avoid taking medications for various reasons. It’s exciting that we’re able to bridge that gap between Physio and surgery offering patients a low-risk option for their pain”. MBST is a great way to future-proof the body. If someone is concerned with signs and symptoms of ageing such as joint stiffness or muscle soreness, MBST is a great option.

Is it for you?

The machine can treat all parts of the body from the neck and shoulders down to the feet and ankles. All patients are reviewed by a consultant Physiotherapist before treatment to assess if they are suitable. If you are not an appropriate candidate, advice for next steps will be offered. Patients with pacemakers are asked to check with their physician to see if their device is MRI-safe.

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