Eight ways to survive the sales – and bag a bargain

For many, the idea of bracing the shops during the sales is nothing short of an utter nightmare, but if you’re lured out by the prospect of a bargain or two, we’ve got the ultimate guide to savvy sales shopping


Plan ahead

Make sure you focus your shopping by planning ahead and making a list. Writing down exactly what you hope to get from your day perusing the sales will mean you don’t end up splurging unnecessarily on random items. Focus your thoughts and you’ll also end up nipping round faster and getting the most out of your shopping experience in record speed. Make sure you look online to find out exactly what is in stock and you’ll waste absolutely no time trawling around.


Dress appropriately 

Those superstores will be full of hundreds of hot shoppers and manoeuvring your way around department stores at peak time is warm work. Wear light layers that you can take off and are light to carry. If you’re going to be trying on lots of clothes, wear an outfit that you can remove easily.


Keep calm

It’s all too easy to get blindsided by that knock-out 70% discount, but do you really need that avocado slicer? With today’s focus on shopping responsibly to help protect the environment, think about minimising the stuff in your house and prioritise items you actually need. Just because something is a bargain, doesn’t mean it’s worth the purchase if you’ll never actually use it. If you’re really struggling to adopt this mantra, put it down, leave the shop for an hour or so, and if you’re still thinking about that item, head back and make the purchase.


Bring your bags

Plastic bags are deservedly getting a bad rep for adding excess waste to landfill, so think ahead and say no to a bag at the checkout. Instead, bring your own canvas tote bag or bag for life and fit as many of your purchases in as possible.


Plan your route

You know which shops you’re going to be heading to, so before you hit the stores, make a mental note of the order that makes the most strategical sense. Also think about ranking the shops according to price. The pricier shops could be first on your list, as these are where you’re likely to find the most impressive discounts with items that are higher in quality. Leave the cheaper shops to the end.


Pack a lunch

It’s not just the shops that will be stacked during the sales, the food courts will be heaving with hungry shoppers in need of some sustenance to get them through the day. Instead of standing in line, why not pre-pack and put together some snacks that you can munch on in the park for a break from the chaos.


Think upcoming events

Make a note of upcoming birthdays, celebrations and events you will need to buy for and you’ll thank yourself when you’re three months down the line and you’ve already bought those cards and presents. Also think about next Christmas. Boxing Day is when (depressingly) the price on wrapping paper, cards, décor and festive baubles drops drastically, so if you stock up for next year you’ll find you’re ready before everyone and will have saved a pretty penny too.


Go online

If this all sounds like a tad too much effort, why not enjoy the bargains from the comfort of your sofa. Why face the busy tube and the hordes of crowds when you can snuggle down in your pyjamas, pull up a laptop and flick through those discounted items online?