Frameless_Gallery-2_Monet (Credit - Jordan Curtis Hughes)

Days out in London – Frameless

Days out in London – Frameless

An incredible immersive art experience

Immersive art exhibitions have taken over galleries and Instagram accounts worldwide – and for good reason. They’re usually spectacular, fun and you can sneak a bit of culture in for the kids if they’re not usually the gallery-going kind.

Frameless, near London’s Marble Arch, is one of the biggest in the UK, covering 30,000 square feet and showcasing 40 digital interpretations of masterpieces by 28 artists including Canaletto, Cézanne, Dalí, Kandinsky, Klimt, Monet, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

There are four galleries to explore, and as well as the projections there are sound effects and a musical score to draw you in. Beyond Reality is the first (and turned out to be my favourite) featuring wrap-around projection and mirrored surfaces. Here you’ll find a range of Surreal artworks from the likes of Bosch, Munch and Dalí. It’s a beautiful and intriguing display and we sat for a good while absorbing it all and staring at the reflections created in the mirrors.

Next is Colour in Motion and the ‘grammers were out in full force taking selfies up against the likes of Monet’s famous scenes and dancing across the brushstrokes that move across the floor, with motion sensors sending the colours scattering.

The World Around Us uses six-sided projection and features some of the world’s most iconic artwork. It’s an awesome experience – one minute you are sitting in Canaletto’s Piazza Di San Marco, the next Monet’s rolling waters of the Thames give way to Rembrandt’s violent storm (if you have children that startle easily be aware of the sudden change of sound and mood).

The Art of Abstraction feels like a more grown-up space. Unlike the other galleries, you can only sit on the provided benches and be mindful not to touch the maze of screens. Here you’ll find Kandinsky, Mondrian, and Klee and it’s cool to watch the artwork deconstruct and dart around the room to the specially composed score.

It’s all incredibly dreamlike and imaginative. I wanted to go back in to the galleries to enjoy it all over again but the kids were drawn to the café – fair enough, it’s a really lovely modern space, in-keeping with the overall vibe. There’s even a seating area where you can enjoy watching some of the famous artwork projected on to the walls.

The exhibition is permanent so catch it when you can – though it does make for a great day out for the family during our unpredictable summer holiday weather!

Adults can also enjoy it child-free at one of the new Frameless Lates – the monthly Friday night sessions (for just £13.50) will offer access to the four permanent galleries, a specially designed food and drinks offer and an exclusive first look at a new show from an emerging digital art talent, all soundtracked by Soho Radio.

Ticket prices for Frameless vary depending on the date and time of the visit. Adult tickets start at £25; child tickets start at £15 and children under 5 years go for free.


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