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Joanna Blundell – Joanna Blundell Yoga

The founder of Joanna Blundell Yoga on the inspiration behind her yoga business

Tell us about your background.

I loved dance as a child, and as an adult, yoga reconnected me to that sense of freedom and joy in movement. I started yoga seriously 10 years ago when I was in a high-pressure job, sitting in front of a screen for long hours. Yoga made me comfortable in my body again and helped me feel healthy, strong and more relaxed. I always left feeling like I was walking on air.

What can yoga help us with?

People in my classes may find that they leave feeling relaxed and uplifted! We use gentle breathing techniques to boost oxygen intake and wellbeing and simple yoga postures to increase range of movement. Classes are suitable for all ages and bodies, with different options so everyone can work at the most beneficial level for them. We interweave movement and breath in a moving meditation to hone our attention as well as our body. I love working with beginners and seeing them blossom.

What has been your best business decision in the past two years?

I am glad that I started! I dreamt of having my own business for so long, inspired by my father, who’s a successful businessman. I’m learning all the time and building new relationships. Yoga gave me the confidence to share what I’ve learnt with other people, in Kingston, Surbiton and surrounding areas.

Where do you hope to take your yoga business in the future?

My classes are in a beautiful old pavilion on the banks of the Thames, as close as possible to nature! Next, I’d love to actually take them outside, so we could enjoy the beautiful local woods and waterways as we practice yoga. My vision is to create a vibrant, healthy, fun community of yoga and nature lovers, each person connecting to their heart’s desire, to each other and to our beautiful earth.

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Joanna Blundell Yoga
Thames Sailing Club, Surbiton, Surrey. KT6 4HH.