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Dale Pinnock Supper Club

Kingston-based health restaurant The Willow will be hosting nutritional chef Dale Pinnock for a special supper club this July. The evening is designed to involve talks from the TV personality about the benefits of medicinal cuisine, as well as a three-course meal at the award-winning restaurant with carefully curated dishes. So what’s on the menu?

“The recipes will be taken from cross sections of my various books so people can expect dishes on the menu like marinated salmon with aubergine among others,” says Dale, not giving too much away. “Plus it’s at The Willow, which works well with the theme of the evening – it’s a very special place.”

Dale’s career over the years has evolved to incorporate his culinary skills with his degree in nutrition which he obtained at Kingston University. This mix of knowledge and creativity has resulted in a scientific style of cooking with recipes expertly designed to optimise nutritional intake.

“It’s about applying this science to cooking and keeping it engaging and breaking it all down like an interactive science lesson. This is what we hope will make the event popular with everyone, from GPs and medics through to students.”

The evening, then, will be a culmination of a lifetime of work. “The supper club will showcase my work so that people can experience the theory in practice. It will help stress that healthy eating is not an exclusive pursuit – it’s practical, and this will be reflected in a practical showcase and interactive evening,” he says.

The evening is the first event of its kind hosted by Dale and the Willow: “It’s the first of the supper clubs so the format of the evening will really depend of what people have to ask and talk about, but food is always a subject that gets people excited so people always have lots of questions to ask.”

“The evening will go in whatever direction it is taken by the attendees, but overall people coming can expect some practical soundbites of information and to help people make a change to their eating habits.”
Dale’s lengthy career has witnessed a lot of change in the food world, with the evolving power of social media provoking food crazes and an image-led society. “There has been a change over the years which coincides with social media. This has often sparked faddism but it has overwhelmingly created a buzz about nutrition. It’s good that it has got people talking but it has to go deeper than weight loss and six packs, it has to be less about the visual, and the evening is part of the effort to talk about the science behind food.”

Dale is adamant that this doesn’t involve breaking the bank, which is a whole other element to Dale’s career – with his ITV show soon to make a comeback to our screens. ‘Eat Shop Save’, which returns at the end of July, strives to help the UK shed pounds while saving pennies. “It’s nonsense that people think eating healthy is costly,” says Dale. “Many immediately think nutrition is about organic grass-fed unicorns, but it’s about being relevant to everyone and proving you can shop healthily with a really small budget.”

“I once did a show which sticks in my mind about two girls who lived in the YMCA and had £15 between them for a week of food shopping,” Dale remembers. “They lived near a great market but had no idea it existed and I was able to show them all the potential of this market and we spent their £15 and bought an abundance of vegetables and spent just £10 on making a curry which cost them about 60p per portion, which even meant they had money left over.”
“It’s about getting the right mind set and getting savvy.”

Attendees of the July event will pick up handy hints and top tips for keeping a nutritional diet, but what’s Dale’s ultimate tip to help save money and change eating habits for those who don’t know where to begin? “Well, you could fill a book with tips! But I would have to say, and it may not sound earth-shattering, but I would say just change one thing. Don’t try and overhaul your life with changes, if you’re a regular MacDonald’s eater, don’t try and change into a wholesome vegan because it isn’t going to happen. Swap something out and it will make changing habits manageable.”

Dale Pinnock’s Supper Club will be held at The Willow on 18 July at 7pm. Tickets are £45 and include a talk from Dale on medicinal cuisine, followed by a three course meal chosen by Dale, plus a signed copy of Dale’s best-selling book ‘The Power of Three’.