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4 Top Gardening Trends for 2018

Our gardening expert, Matthew Appleby, predicts the hottest gardening trends for 2018. Get your shovel ready...

1. Keep it natural

Natural fertilisers are the latest trend to take the gardening world by storm. Seaweed products especially, are useful for organic gardeners who wish to avoid synthetic fertilisers or those made from animal products. As well as this, TV gardener Monty Don has written in his new book Down to Earth that gardeners should eschew the lawnmower in favour of the old-fashioned scythe in order to benefit the environment.

2. Blooming wonderful

Indoor gardening and houseplants will remain a trend and will branch out into areas such as aquascaping – planted aquariums. Houseplants have also taken off as people who want to garden, but often don’t have any outdoor space, compare their indoor jungles on Instagram; this trend looks set to continue.

Meanwhile, for outdoor plants, planting in containers remains the trend as garden sizes shrink. However, the shrub market is on its way back with gardeners choosing proven British shrubs that they know will survive. Strong architectural plants will also be on trend for 2018. Grasses, ferns, phormiums and cordylines all add fantastic structure and texture to a garden.

3. Save our trees

Save the oak could be the new save the elm or ash campaign. The Government’s Animal and Plant Health Agency and the new Action Oak Partnership, which includes Kew and the National Trust, are to exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show to push the message that threats such as xylella, honey fungus, mildews and oak processionary moth are putting Britain’s national tree in peril.

4. Hot stuff

The sale of chilli plants is set to rise and yes, they do taste better than the ones you buy in the supermarket, and you can keep them indoors on your kitchen windowsill.

Chilli Plant