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Voluntary Service Overseas

Calum tell us a little about VSO and what you do?
VSO stands for Voluntary Service Overseas. We fight poverty through volunteering all over the world. Our work is special because it brings people together from different backgrounds, expertise and experiences to help achieve community goals around health, education and livelihoods in 24 countries across Africa and Asia. I work specifically on Community Fundraising which can be everything from supporting someone running the London Marathon through to raising funds for VSO through a local celebration event.

What are the most important things you are working on?
Our volunteers are national – who volunteer in their own country – and international – who work abroad. Some work and live in a community for years and some for a shorter period; what remains the same is that they focus on developing the conditions for positive social change. VSO volunteers reach out to the most remote and excluded people and help nurture skills, ideas and the exchange of knowledge.

Who do you help?
Last year VSO worked with thousands of volunteers and partners to support over 1.5 million of the poorest people in 24 countries across Africa and Asia. VSO volunteers work to make sure their work is sustainable and accountable so that when they leave, their work will continue to have a positive impact.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I enjoy talking to people and hearing stories from people who have the energy, passion and inclination to challenge themselves and others for a better world. Every pound that our amazing fundraisers raise helps VSO to reach more people and improve more communities so that no one is left behind. As a returned volunteer I’ve been able to see the impact of this work first hand and I know how important this work is.

What challenges and events are on offer?
VSO has loads of things on offer from London Marathon to Trek Great Wall of China. If you’re thinking of your next challenge, contact us to find out about representing VSO! If we don’t have your preferred challenge event, we can work with you to find a suitable option and help you prepare for the time of your life!

Contact Calum on or call 020 8780 7500