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It’s been good to catch up!

Recently, my colleagues and I welcomed a contingent of advertisers, friends and local business people to a celebration of the launch of Surrey Time & Leisure.

The fact that it wasn’t the first celebration of the launch – which was in February – hints at the fact that we just love meeting our supporters, our advertisers and our local independent business men and women, most of whom we have mutually fruitful relationships with.

In this age of social media, smart phones and wall-to-wall digitalisation it’s becoming ever more apparent that the more electronic aids we get the less we really communicate with each other. Emails and texts, while being indispensable, are no substitute for real face-to-face conversation, over a convivial drink or bite to eat. In the space of a few minutes I had unexpected insights in to people I thought I knew, but had never been closer than an email to. I suspect they had a similar experience when talking to me.

In publishing we are very much in the communications game. To do our job properly and to really serve our community in the way that a magazine like ours should, we need to meet people and share a moment of time, a laugh, a concern and a considered opinion with them on a regular basis. Some may consider this non-productive time, but I would suggest that it is quite the opposite, leading to real friendships and improved client loyalty. For this reason I suggest that our growing band of invitees will be hearing from us again before too long, when we can think of another excuse to throw a party!

I can’t let mention of our networking event pass without mentioning the wonderful venue we chose to hold it at. Remarkably, many of the guests we spoke to had not heard of Ewell Court House before. It’s a grade II listed 19th century mansion, a little tucked away off the Kingston Road, Ewell, but it’s an excellent choice if you have a wedding to plan or a conference or function to arrange.

Chris Wood is resident composer with Guest House Opera and editor of Epsom, Sutton and Cheam Time & Leisure.