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Local glorious food!

Suddenly, you realise it’s spring when you start hearing birds singing to you early in the morning and wishing you’d invested in black out curtains in the bedrooms.

There’s definitely a crisp, brisk freshness in the air and we love it, as it means we can get out more with the family without the risk of a downpour. It’s also a time when flowers pop up and blossoming trees are dotted all over the borough, giving an excuse to put away our winter gear and pull out our cooler, brighter garments that have been stored away.

I can’t believe the last 12 months have flown by so quickly, as it’s that time again when the Time & Leisure Food & Drink Awards are launched. This time last year I was expecting our second child so was unable to tuck in to foods such as pate, blue cheese and shellfish, but this year will be different! It’ll be a chance for Michael and me to head out and eat at a few different places without any restrictions on the menu. We have been involved with the awards for the last few years and think it’s a fantastic way to celebrate local bars and restaurants that are at the top of their game, but wouldn’t normally get the recognition they deserve. So, if you know of any hidden gems please nominate them and don’t keep it to yourselves! It’ll also give my husband some new ideas for date night!

We’ve never been that fussed about chocolate eggs, but you can’t move during April without seeing them everywhere you turn. Our children are way too young to be interested or allowed to indulge, but that doesn’t mean us adults can’t partake. I’m hoping Michael will find a special Belgian chocolate number for me, but the problem I have is that he usually buys something he likes, and will therefore eat most of it. Well I guess it’s the thought that counts!

Angellica Bell is a TV presenter living in Kingston