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In Training

My relationship with sport has deteriorated in the last couple of years and a lot of this has to do with the arrival of my first child.

Back in the day, when nappies were things other people bought and a microwave was used for cooking food and not sterilising bottles, Angellica and I enjoyed a bit of sport: running or cycling around Richmond Park, some tennis at Canbury Gardens or even a swim at Virgin Active.

However, when our first child arrived, we suddenly realised there simply wasn’t enough time in the day for any extra-curricular activities. Also, the impact of broken sleep every night meant you barely had the energy to survive, let alone knock out a few sets of tennis! I found by the time my body had adjusted to all the changes a child brings to your life, I’d lost the motivation to get back into sport.

Angellica is much more motivated than me and long before we had children she was running marathons, climbing mountains and setting herself goals to achieve. She’s always tried to convince me to do the same and I’d always resisted… until now. I have sorted out a place on the Ride London Surrey 100 event this summer. It’s all been confirmed, so there’s no backing out and my training began last month. I get up at around 5am and cycle from my home to Earlsfield Station and once a week to Clapham Junction and back. It’s a round trip of about thirteen miles a day and I do this four times a week.

It does feel really good having a target to aim for, but I know anxiety is going to kick in nearer the time. For now though; if you see someone struggling up Coombe Lane on the way into Kingston at 6am, please make sure you give him plenty of room, especially if you’re driving a bus!

Michael Underwood is a TV presenter living in Kingston